Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brewing is Great, Beer is Good

Here we go. It's the big show. A new blog.

Kingfisher Brewers started when Chet Crowser and I started brewing in his Grandparents garage in 2001. Those were the good old days. We brewed often and enjoyed the fruits of our labors on a nightly basis. Now Chet lives in Lolo, Mt. I live in the historical wonderland of Rapid City's West Blvd. neighborhood. I'm told Chet still brews a bit. I brew a bit too. I don't think either of us brew as much as we would like, definately not as much as we used to.

Karl, my little big brother, has been my brew partner lately. It was his idea to blog about it.

So, my newest brew partner and I have started to get serious. In other words, it's brew time. The blog will keep us honest. (I don't know what that means.) The blog will keep track of our brew days and our progress.

Keep the faith.

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