Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The belgian IPA- is my attempt good?

I ain't so sure yet. The beer sat for 3 weeks in the conical. I used s-33 dried yeast from Safale (the edme strain). It has a dominant yeast driven taste. Heavy on the clove flavor. I just compared it with a version of Randy Mosher's Pirate stout brewed with the same yeast. It too had a strong yeast flavor when first kegged. It appears to have matured and some of the flavors of the roasted barely, coriander, and orange peel are coming through. I guess that means I need to wait on this Belgian IPA thing and see if the yeast flavor diminishes and more of the hops come through. I dry hopped with home grown cascades in the keg. Maybe that flavor and aroma will kick in. We shall see.

Next up-- Straight up West Coast IPA for Mr Jason Ward. I promised to brew some for his wedding reception on July 18th. I had better snap to it.

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  1. are you still brewing? I got a brew setup last week and excited for my first batch to come out. It is VERY basic but you got to start somewhere right?